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Innovate for Change
May 28th, 2024


Here are the three charity finalists who were drawn at random & vetted from our members' nominations.

Bread and Beyond


 Projet Fées Marraines


Art for Healing Foundation

Please scroll down to learn more about each of the finalists.

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Bread and Beyond

Bread and Beyond's core activity is making and delivering fresh, nutritious sandwiches to shelters in Montreal.

In March 2020, as the first COVID-19 lockdown took hold, Resilience Montreal Shelter put out a call for food items that could be served outside.  In response, our Founder organized a group of friends to make and deliver 300 sandwiches every week. As the pandemic continued, other shelters around Montreal were also in dire need.  In September 2020, Bread and Beyond was established to respond to the ongoing crisis and provide daily delivery of large numbers of home-prepared sandwiches to shelters in Montreal using an expanded network of community volunteers and schools.

We create a pathway through which the voices and needs of those living with, and at risk of, homelessness and hunger can be expressed and through which the community can connect, become informed and respond to the changing needs of homelessness shelters and the people they serve. 

Annual revenue:  $151 620

Years in operation: 3 years

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Our mission is to promote social inclusion, self-fulfillment and academic perseverance among vulnerable Secondary 5 students in the Greater Montreal area, by providing them with a complete prom outfit and post-secondary scholarships, free of charge.

We tiptoe around the event, discreetly, so that our protégés can take part in this unforgettable event with dignity and pride, without etiquette or prejudice.

Our concept is simple: to collect second-hand prom dresses, evening shoes and chic handbags and offer them free of charge to these courageous and resilient young girls who, without this help, would not be able to attend this passage to adulthood. What’s more, we give these used items a second life, demonstrating our eco-responsibility.

Annual revenue:  $130 774

Years in operation:  10 years

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 The Art for Healing Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring the healing power of art to hospitals and other wellness facilities. We collect and install artwork that transforms these places into inspiring environments that encourage a sense of hope and serenity for patients, their families and healthcare teams.


There is little doubt of the beneficial effects of art, and ventures like the Art for Healing Foundation are a natural outgrowth of a growing movement towards incorporating art into everyday life. And in the difficult circumstances surrounding illness and suffering, its healing effects can be appreciated even that much further. It does not take much to find a way to touch someone, to make them smile and to ease their pain. All it takes is the art of giving.

Since 2002, we have installed more than 14,500 works in more than a hundred institutions across Canada, including in the North.

Annual revenue:  $382 775 (includes both in kind value of art and monetary donations)

Years in operation:  22 years

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