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Stop Gender Violence Event

February 13th , 7pm
Atwater Club

Here are the three charity finalists who were drawn at random & vetted from our members' nominations.


We are hearing from charities that are addressing Gender Violence in 3 different ways:

Education, Support and Shelter:

Education: portraitX


Support: Shelter Movers


Shelter: Auberge Transition

Please scroll down to learn more about each of the finalists.

PX Header_edited.jpg

portraitX- a project of Raison d'art

Raison d'art is a Montreal-based nonprofit that has been creating collective art projects for social impact here and abroad since 2007, collaborating with thousands of people in educational, community, and corporate settings.

Raison d’art’s most recent initiative, portraitX, responds to the pressing need for schools to address the immediate and long-lasting impacts of teen dating violence and gender-based violence. portraitX is an innovative youth-driven classroom program with an app on iPads that propels art and digital media to educate students on how to build healthy relationships online and off.

Through our innovative arts-based program, our moderators deliver an engaging curriculum, of 1 to 6 workshops, to adolescents in grades 6 to 12. We educate to empower youth with digital media, and we support school communities to shift culture towards healthier ways of connecting. Our inclusive curriculum uses art and media to disrupt stereotypes and discriminatory attitudes that can lead to violence. With a trauma-informed lens, we teach adolescents the facts about sexuality and the essential skills necessary to navigate relationships online and off.

Annual revenue:  $345 000

Years in operation: 5 years



Shelter Movers is a national, volunteer-powered charitable organization providing moving and storage services at no cost to individuals and families fleeing abuse. We collaborate with local businesses and community agencies to support people, primarily women and children, as they transition to a life free of violence.


Our story is a story of hope. Like many Canadians, our founder and CEO, Marc Hull-Jacquin wanted to positively impact his community. After examining gender-based violence in Canada and the barriers to leaving an abuser, he was determined to make a difference. With the help of a small team of volunteers and guidance from local shelters and community agencies, Shelter Movers was born to fill a critical gap for people leaving abuse.


Today, Shelter Movers is the only service of its kind in Canada. We are powered by over 2,000 volunteers across Canada and operate in Greater Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Nova Scotia, Vancouver, Southwestern Ontario, Moncton, Edmonton, and Calgary. Since 2016, we have completed over 6,000 moves, transitioning individuals and their families to lives free of abuse. 

Annual revenue:  $2,249,418 (nationally)

Years in operation:  4 years in Montreal



Auberge Transition is a feminist organization whose primary mandate is to offer shelter, information, counselling and follow-up services to women who are currently experiencing or have experienced any form of spousal abuse. As a leader in the field of helping women and children victims of violence, Auberge Transition opened its doors in 1975. It was among the first shelters in Canada to offer such services.


Auberge Transition serves women, with or without children, of all cultures and backgrounds. Through public education, we inform the community about the nature and extent of the problem of spousal abuse, the myths and stereotypes that often surround it, and the routes available to address abuse. As such, we aim to break the isolation and inform as many people as possible that help is available at all times for women and their children.

We make it possible for women and children to heal from the devastating effects of abuse by offering a safe home where women and children can transition into a new beginning.

Annual revenue:  $1,639,057

Years in operation:  49 years

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