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Three times a year we host a one hour event to raise money for a local charity.

Local charities are nominated by our members and vetted by our Leadership Team. ​We focus on local and innovative registered charities truly helping our Greater Montreal community.  Three nominees are selected at random to be presented to our membership.

 After learning about the three organizations, we vote to determine which charity will receive our funds.


Every member commits to donating $100 at each event ($300 per member/ year).

Under 30 members commit to donating $50 at each event ($150 per member/year).

With now over 100 members, this amounts to over $10 000 donated to a local Montreal charity at each event. 

This translates to more than $30 000 of donations to local charities by our group annually.


That is the power of collective giving, that is the power of women.

Join us and invite the amazing women in your life to do the same!

Together, we are stronger!

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