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Advancing Women's Health at the MUHC
October 2023

Awareness, Equity and Impact were at the forefront of this special event in partnership with the MUHC Foundation. From cancer to cardiac disease, we learnt about 3 amazing, ground breaking women's health initiatives at the MUHC. Ultimately, our members voted and Women's Healthy Heart Initiative was the elected recipient of our collective donation of $16 440.  Thanks to our corporate sponsors, each of our runner up projects received donations of over $1700 each. Our total donation towards  Advancing Women's Health at the MUHC was $20 005, our largest donation to date. We continue to grow and increase our impact. Bravo!


We encourage our members to visit the websites of  WHHI and DOvEE to learn about what they do, how they could safeguard your health and see if you are eligible.  

Spread the word about these important projects with your loved ones!


See you all in the new year!


$16440 WHHI.png

Letter of Gratitude

Letter 100+ women who care WHHI.pdf.png

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